Electronic Cigarettes: Revolutionise the Way You Smoke

5 Jan 2011

Electronic Cigarettes – The future of smoking has gone high tech! Now you can get all the enjoyment of smoking a tobacco cigarette without any of the harmful effects, including several forms of cancer. We all know that cigarettes are a significant health hazard, but the addictive quality of nicotine keeps many of us from trying to reduce or stop smoking. Electronic cigarettes look quite real and deliver a measured dose of nicotine when you inhale. Instead of exhaling toxic second-hand smoke, you breathe out a harmless vapour. What non-smoker can object to that?

About Electronic Cigarettes (E-Cigs)

This device looks very much like a lit tobacco cigarette, but is completely non-flammable. E-cigs use amazing microelectric technology that gives smokers an authentic, but totally benign, smoking experience. What you inhale is not smoke, but vaporised nicotine that will satisfy your craving every bit as well as tobacco cigarettes.

How Electronic Cigarettes or E-Cigs Work

An electronic cigarette has four components: a rechargeable battery, an atomisation chamber, a smart chip with operating indicator, and a replaceable cartridge containing liquid nicotine. When you inhale, the liquid nicotine passes into the battery-powered atomisation chamber. There, the liquid heats, vaporises and passes into the lungs. Whilst this nicotine delivery system imitates a traditional cigarette, it is much less harmful. When you exhale, you’re releasing a harmless vapour that’s a mix of excess nicotine vapour and water vapour. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, there’s no unpleasant smoke odour associated with e-cigs. They do, however, simulate smoking quite well, including all the associated sensations.

Features of Electronic Cigarettes

The battery in an e-cig will last about a day, if you’re a typical smoker. It takes about 1.5 hours to recharge, so most starter kits include a spare battery along with the charger. The tip of an electronic cigarette glows red upon inhalation, an authentic touch. The dose of nicotine you receive is measured. It’s never possible to inhale too much. When the tip of the e-cig flashes, it indicates that the battery needs charging. Simply pop in your spare and place the spent battery in the charger. The nicotine cartridge is equivalent to about 8 to 10 tobacco cigarettes and comes in a variety of strengths, including ultra high, high, medium, low and zero. While this allows you to match your nicotine intake from tobacco cigarettes, it also means you can step it down, choosing lower and lower strength cartridges over time. Perhaps someday you’ll be able to use the zero strength cartridge and be free of your addiction entirely. Here’s what one smoker had to say about e-cigs:

“I am a recent convert to electronic cigarettes and I absolutely love them. I love the way the vapour is thick, it feels like real smoke. I have been a pack to two pack a day smoker for 10 years and this is the first product that has been able to give me any chance of quitting…It is truly a small miracle for me.”

To experience a similar miracle, why not try electronic cigarettes today?


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