14 Apr 2009

Dear Nicocig Team,

I just wanted to say “thank you” to the member of your staff who took my phone call a few days ago. I called to enquire whether the Nicocig electric cigarette was available from a pharmacy in the Wolverhampton area and was directed to a local chemist (Andersons). The staff there were very helpful and informative about the product, so I decided to purchase a starter kit, together with an additional pack of cartridges.

Initially it took a little getting used to, and there seemed to be relatively little vapour. However, I had done some reading on the Internet which appeared to suggest that it is sometimes necessary to “break in” the atomiser. This seems to have been the case for me; I persevered and by day three this marvellous device really got going, and I was able to get a real nicotine “hit”. I have been so impressed that I have today placed an order for a further ten cartridge packs and a spare battery.

I think word of mouth will play a large part in the success of this product. I showed a friend your product leaflet and her response was, “Why didn’t someone think of this years ago?!”.

I noticed that on your blog you had a promotional event in Birmingham a few weeks ago; it’s a real shame that I was not able to attend. Nevertheless, I do hope that you will be able to notify me when you launch your new product, as I would be very interested to see what developments you are making.

With kind regards,



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