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“All i’ve done is change my brand of cig”


I’m doing this incase it reaches just one person like me who it can help. Maybe they’re half heartedly searching the web for info on e-cigs like I would’ve done when I smoked a month ago.

Pre 03/12/09, I’m on atleast 20 roll ups per day, max of 30. I’m 31 and have been smoking heavy since 19 or 20. I’d have 3 or 4 cigs before I got to work, 2 in the 15 minute breaks, 3 or 4 at 30 minute lunch, 2 or 3 on the way home, and approx 15 the evening. Weekends were worse with more time on my hands.

Trying to quit was turning into a bit of a joke for me. I’ve thrown them in the street bin in the morning only to buy more, with a new lighter, half an hour later. Id try to go for a jog, and take the cigs with me, and end up walking around smoking. I’d be ill with the flu, so that I couldn’t breathe through my nose, and i’d still smoke my way through it. Nicotine patches were a joke. I tried it once when i was 23, stuck it on my arm, and smoked my way through it.

So I had a job at my local shopping mall in Bristol, where there was a nicocig stand. I’d walked past it loads of times, and never gave it a second look. I dont know the reason i ignored it. I guess, looking back, i thought ” If I’m going to quit cigs, then I want to do it on my own, I dont want any help. My willpower IS strong enough, I just need more time….” Pride I guess.

So it was just another day at work and I was trying to quit, but deep down I knew I wouldn’t last till lunch. The only reason I hadn’t had any cigs or coffee on the way to work was today I was exceptionally hungover. I’ve been here before ofcourse, where im ill from too much drink the night before, and I mistake not having a cig in the morning due to this, for my own willpower in quitting. As ever, I knew i’d feel better at lunch and buy cigs and a new lighter then. Quitting was becoming a joke to me.

So anyway, come lunch time, I’m bursting for a cig. You know that feeling? Where the only thing that matters in your life at this point in time is having a cig? You could have only five minutes to make your flight to Hawaii on your honeymoon, you will use the 5 mins to have a cig and choose to miss your flight, right?

Well, instead of going to the newsagent to buy some, I went to the stand and bought a starter pack. The guy behind the stall was kind enough to give me a fully charged battery so it was ready to go. By the time this was done I was ready to explode, I wanted a cigarette so bad. The time was maybe 2pm, I had started at 9am. So when I dragged on the e-cig, it was perfect. All my problems were cured, I felt 100% better.

Now I want to stress that it worked for me probably because I left it as long as I could without a normal cig, 5-6 hours excluding sleep, and so I was just so pleased to have something to smoke.

I used it for the rest of the day at work, when i got home I googled e-cigs, while puffing on the ecig like a normal cig, trying to find something wrong with it, which i couldn’t. Around 9pm that evening, suddenly I really wanted a normal cig. There was something missing in the ecig that my body was craving at 9pm… I stopped everything I was doing and stood still and thought to myself I have never in my life gone a day without a cig for over ten years, I am so close.

So yes willpower was needed at that point, but the feeling for a normal cig was a fifth of my earlier lunch time craving. I went to bed at 10pm, full of nicotine from the ecig, and slept well. Day 2 was fine really. I woke up and thought I have a choice to make now. I either smoke rollies, or the ecig. I chose the ecig.

I somtimes think im lying or cheating when i say ive stopped smoking. It really does feel today, four weeks later, that all i’ve done is change my brand of cig, like when I went from straights to rollies because they were cheaper.

I smoked drum yellow rollies and lambert straights. The mediums are like a normal cig, but I prefer the lows. Ive tried the zeros, but im still addcited to nicotine, and I don’t want to rush it, but I have a feeling it wont be long.

Today, 02/01/10, I went to a cafe for a coffe and a cig. I bought my coffee, sat outside, opened my newspaper, and had a sip. Then I reached into my pocket for my ecig, and realized I had left it at home. Pre 03/12/09 I would have left my coffe there to go home and get it, or buy some more, with a lighter, from the newsagent. I smiled to myself as I calmly picked up the coffee again and just read the paper.

I’m still the same person I was then, I just have changed my brand of cigarette to an electronic one that I plug in to recharge. I never liked lighters anyway.

Congrats if you’ve read this to the end, I didn’t know i’d go on so much. I’m not sure I even want to send this now, I hope it doesn’t sound like waffle.

Thanks for everything.

Mr Peter Ley

The Nicocig Team would like to thank Peter for taking time out to contact us with his story and experience with using our product.


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