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Nicocig FAQs


Q: What is MESH™?+
A: The new Nicocig MESH™ intelligent vaping system has been developed with ground breaking technology built in.

Instead of using a single or dual coil to vaporise the e-liquid, we have developed our own MESH™ Heating Technology which eliminates the potential for e-liquid overheating, through auto temperature control and low e-liquid detection contributing to optimal vapour delivery.

The low e-liquid detection sensor means that when the MESH™ e-liquid capsule is almost empty, the MESH™ intelligent vaping system will shut down your device so that you don't experience the so called “Dry Puff” phenomenon.

MESH™ Heating Technology is incorporated into every Nicocig MESH™ e-liquid capsule to ensure you experience optimal vapour delivery with each replacement capsule, without having to replace the atomiser.

Because we know that convenience is as important as experience, we have also incorporated a MESH™ sensor so that you can use your MESH™ device without having to press a button.
Q: Where does MESH™ come from?+
A: MESH™ components are manufactured in the following countries;
  • MESH™ e-Liquids are produced in the Netherlands.
  • MESH™ Heaters are produced in Germany.
Q: Where can I purchase a MESH™ device?+
A: To purchase a MESH™ device or capsules you can place an order online by visiting the Nicocig website, or by calling our customer service centre on 0800 085 8858. You can also purchase the MESH™ device at certain retail outlets. Please refer to our stockist finder here.
Q: How long does a MESH™ capsule last for?+
A: This is dependent upon how often you decide to use your e-cigarette to vape. Each capsule contains 2ml of e-liquid.
Q: What flavours do the capsules come in?+
A: We currently offer the following flavours: Classic Tobacco, Menthol, Chai and Tropical Fruit. Each of our flavours come in two different nicotine strengths; High (19mg/ml) and Medium (11mg/ml).
Q: What nicotine strengths do the MESH™ capsules come in?+
A: The capsules come in two strengths: 11mg/ml and 19mg/ml.
Q: What do the dots on the capsules mean?+
A: The dots on the capsules indicate the strength of the nicotine within the capsule. Two solid dots indicate high strength nicotine (19mg/ml) and one solid dot and one hollow dot indicates medium strength nicotine (11mg/ml).
Q: How does the device know when I am running low on e-liquid?+
A: The MESH™ device is equipped with a Low Liquid Detection system that automatically shuts off the heating element when the liquid in the capsule is too low for it to operate correctly. This eliminates the potential for liquid overheating contributing to optimal vapour delivery.

A rapid red flashing LED light indicates that the capsule is nearly empty and must be replaced.
Q: Can the capsules be refilled?+
A: Due to the nature of precision manufacturing, our MESH™ capsules cannot be refilled.

Every capsule has a MESH™ Heater made in Germany under strict quality controls and contains EU made e-liquids with pharma-grade nicotine. It is made from Tritan, an impact-resistant material used in food packaging. This level of quality and precision contributes to optimal vapour delivery
Q: What is the warranty on MESH™?+
A: We guarantee a Nicocig MESH™ device to function properly for 12 months from the date of purchase. Please visit the Nicocig website, for full warranty details.
Q: How long does the battery last?+
A: Typically, a fully charged battery will last for the duration it takes to consume 1.5 capsules.
Q: How long does it take to fully charge the battery? +
A: For a full charge of battery, connected to Nicocig AC Power Adaptor (wall adaptor), it takes approximately 90 minutes.
Q: How will I know when my battery is fully charged?+
A: When fully charged the white LED light will stop flashing and glow continuously for 10 seconds. Subsequently, the device will enter into standby mode.
Q: What should I do if I have any questions regarding my MESH™ device or capsules? +
A: Please contact our customer service centre on 0800 085 8858 or e-mail
Q: Why are there health warnings on your packaging?+
A: The MESH™ product contains nicotine and therefore we are required by the new tobacco and related product regulation to show health warnings on our packaging, following the revised Tobacco Products Directive (2014/40/EU).
Q: What is Auto-Temperature control?+
A: Auto-Temperature Control eliminates e-liquid overheating that can occur at temperatures above 250°C contributing to optimal vapour delivery.
Q: What does Low Liquid Detection mean and how does it work?+
A: Low Liquid Detection automatically shuts off the heating element when the e-liquid in the capsule is too low for it to operate correctly. This eliminates the potential for e-liquid overheating, contributing to optimal vapour delivery.
Q: What is precision manufacturing?+
A: Every capsule has a MESH™ Heater produced in Germany under strict quality controls and contains e-liquids produced in the Netherlands with pharma-grade nicotine. The reservoir is made from Tritan, an impact-resistant material used in food packaging. This level of quality and precision contributes to optimal vapour delivery.
Q: What is the energy capacity of the battery?+
A: MESH™devices use a 900mAh battery.
Q: In your marketing campaign you referred to the phrase "1332 Tiny Holes" where are the holes you are referring to and what’s the benefit of the holes? +
A: Unlike most electronic cigarettes which use a single or dual coil atomiser to vaporise the e-liquid, the innovative MESH™ atomiser uses stainless steel mesh, with an average of 1,332 holes, to vaporise the e-liquid.

This new technology combined with a low liquid level detection system and auto-temperature control results in optimal vapour delivery.
Q: Will the MESH™device switch off automatically if I do not use it?+
A: If the device is left unused for 3 minutes the device will switch to standby mode. To reactivate your device, press and hold the button for 1 second.


Q: What are the Nicocig cartomisers compatible with?+
A: Our Cartomisers are only compatible with Nicocig Rechargeable batteries. For the best quality product, always use Nicocig branded products only.
Q: How long will it take to charge my Nicocig original battery?+
A: It will take approximately 4 hours for your e-cigarette battery to be fully charged via the USB cable. There are also USB adaptors available from our store so that the battery can be safely charged from the mains or in a car. Please be aware that only Nicocig adaptors should be used to charge the battery as non-Nicocig branded adaptors may not be compatible with the battery and could cause overcharging.

As a precaution we advise that you do not leave the battery unattended while charging or leave it to charge overnight.
Q: How many times can I recharge my Nicocig original battery before it starts to lose its charge?+
A: You can recharge your Nicocig original battery over 300 times before its functionality will begin to decline.
Q: How will I know when my Nicocig original battery is fully charged?+
A: When the Nicocig original battery is fully charged the LED light at the tip of the battery will turn off.


Q: What ingredients do the Nicocig original products contain?+
A: The only ingredients are Water, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, Nicocig flavouring and Nicotine (in all Nicocig original e-cigarettes and cartomisers).
Q: What is nicotine?+
A: Nicotine is a natural chemical found in the tobacco plant. Nicotine is addictive. It can cause momentary increases in heart rate and blood pressure and it is possible that it adversely affects maternal and foetal health during pregnancy, contributing to outcomes such as preterm delivery and stillbirth. Accordingly, people with heart disease, severe high blood pressure or diabetes, as well as minors and pregnant women and women who breast-feed should not use tobacco or nicotine containing products.
Q: Do your capsules/e-liquids contain VG (Vegetable Glycerin) or PG (Propylene Glycol)?+
A: All Nicocig e-liquids contain both VG & PG. All Nicocig products are subject to regulatory and toxicological assessment before release to the market to ensure that they comply with external and PMI internal requirements.
Q: What are VG and PG?+
A: Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is a clear colourless, odourless viscous liquid extracted from plants. It is a natural product widely used in e-liquids, the food industry and in pharmaceutical formulations. Propylene Glycol is a viscous colorless organic compound which is used in many every day products such as medicines, mouthwashes and as a food additive. PG is free from animal derivatives and suitable for vegetarians. VG and PG are the major constituents of e-liquids and are used to dilute the nicotine and flavourings and to create the vapour.
Q: If I am pregnant. Can I still use a Nicocig device?+
A: We advise that you do not use a Nicocig device whilst pregnant or breastfeeding. Please ask your GP for further advice on the risk of nicotine use during pregnancy.
Q: I have a heart condition and high blood pressure, can I still use E-cigarettes?+
A: As with any known illness, we advise that you consult with your GP before using any of our products.
Q: What do I do if I receive the wrong item in my order?+
A: Very rarely the wrong item may be sent to you, if this has happened with your order please accept our apologies. You can either email us at or contact us on 0800 085 8858 and we will advise how to get this error rectified.
Q: How do I get a tracking number for my order?+
A: You can either call through to our customer service team on 0800 085 8858 or you can email us on and the Nicocig team will be more than happy to provide you with the tracking number for your parcel.
Q: How do I cancel an order?+
A: If you wish to cancel an order please call through to the customer service team on 0800 085 8858.

Please contact us before 3.00pm the day the order is placed (or the following day if it was placed after 5pm) and we will be able to stop it from being dispatched and refund the payment. If the order has already been dispatched, in line with consumer law, you can return the items in their original condition (unopened and unused) within 14 days for a full refund. This 14 day period begins the day after your item is received; you must email us at with your return request within this 14 day period. Any requests made after this time will be denied.
Q: Is the E-liquid used in Nicocig products suitable for vegetarians?+
A: We do not use any animal derived ingredients in our e-liquids. All ingredients are either synthetic or from vegetal source (e.g. plant extracts/oils).
Q: Should Nicocig customers be concerned about Diacetyl?+
A: Diacetyl is not authorised for use in any products supplied by Nicocig.