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New to Nicocig? Here is everything you need to get started. We’ve searched through the mine of e-cigarette information to bring you the essentials that you need to know.


The MESH™ heating technology is a completely new approach to e-vapour generation.
Contrary to typical coil and wick based products, our MESH heating elements are designed in such a way that cartridges will be manufactured, assembled and filled in a fully automated manufacturing process in our European production facilities.
Combined with a low liquid level detection System and auto temperature control, this innovative technology ensures the consistency and quality of the vapour generated.


When you replace a capsule for the first time in your MESH™ e-cigarette, you’ll notice how easy it is – just click the old one out and click the new one in. MESH™ has a leak-free connection between the capsule and battery so there’s no risk of getting e-liquid on your fingers or on furniture when you’re switching capsules.
One of the unique benefits of MESH™ is that you can easily switch between different flavours. You don’t even have to wait until a capsule is finished – just switch it out at any time... and switch it back in if you want to go back to your original flavour. As long as there is a minimum quantity of e-liquid in the capsule, you can switch it at any time.


Nicocig Original starter kits provide the essential rechargeable e-cigarette equipment for every user. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced vaper, you will always need to have the basics to hand. At Nicocig we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and we know that there is nothing more important than ensuring the reliability of our equipment. A rechargeable e-cigarette is more cost efficient than using disposable e-cigarettes. All of our electronic cigarette starter kits come with free UK delivery so there really is no excuse not to put one in your basket!


Whether you’re a smoker looking for a convenient alternative or you need a back-up for your rechargeable e-cigarette, the Nicocig disposables are great to keep in your pocket. No fuss, just an easy to use e-cigarette with fantastic flavour. If you're not sure if e-cigarettes are for you, try the Nicocig disposable electronic cigarette range. Test out the different strengths and flavours to find the one which suits you best. E-cigarette preference is highly personal and in order to get the full potential from your e-cigarette it is important to find out which one works for you. It all depends on your style of vaping, nicotine tolerance and flavour preference. Nicocig disposable products now include a re-chargeable battery at no extra cost!


Already have a rechargeable Nicocig original starter kit or battery? Then you'll need replacement cartomisers. Find one you like or pick and choose from the considerable range available, Nicocig original e-cigarettes are adaptable to suit your preferences. Our range of high quality cartomisers are available in four fantastic flavours including golden and classic tobacco, menthol and berry and the strengths range from 16mg - 6mg of nicotine content. Nicocig cartomisers are the absolute must have refill solutions for the enthusiastic e-cigarette user. Available in packs of three, the Nicocig cartomisers offer great value and convenience and you can get them delivered directly to your door.